Any home designer in London will tell you that the kitchen is the heart of the home, which is why it’s so imperative that your kitchen is well designed. When it comes to house building and interior design, it’s widely believed that the kitchen sets the tone for the remainder of the home.

Despite this, not everyone feels that they have the necessary space for redesigning the interior of a house. Well, London Urban is here to tell you that London house design doesn’t always bless you with copious amounts of space, but this doesn’t mean it has to be any less effective.

Regardless of size, you can be sure that your kitchen is glamorous, fashionable, and inspirational. It’s the role of the kitchen to inspire the soul and welcome beauty, and you’re sure to achieve this with the below kitchen design ideas.

Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Home interior design in the UK involves a lot of work in apartments, especially as far as London is concerned. A poorly designed kitchen can appear congested; however, a well-designed, minimalist kitchen can be highly effective.

One of the best ways to maximise a small kitchen space is the use of U-shaped countertops paired with bright lighting. The U-shaped design gives the room form, whilst plenty of light creates the illusion of space. In addition to bright lighting, shiny surfaces are also incredibly effective in feigning extra space.

Another thing to ensure in a small kitchen is that all joinery and floorings complement one another, with the help of minimalist furniture and limited ornamentation. Otherwise, you run the risk of a busy and cluttered space.

Mid-Sized Kitchen Design Ideas

White kitchen with an island overlooking a garden

There are two key features that every mid-sized kitchen should have, these are pendant lights and marble countertops.

Pendant lights enable you to incorporate a mixture of light due to the diversity in colour, style, shape, and size. As previously mentioned, lighting is incredibly important in a kitchen when it comes to maximising the appearance of space.

Moving on to marble countertops, which are extremely effective in creating a soft, satin finish. This is the perfect solution for homeowners who want a gorgeously elegant and simple kitchen design that is simultaneously resistant to stains.

Furthermore, a mid-sized kitchen provides you with a little extra space, meaning you can incorporate a centrepiece into the room. This may come in the form of a kitchen island or a dining room table, creating a social ambience within your kitchen.

Large Kitchen Design Ideas

When your home is equipped with a large kitchen space, you’re able to house every appliance under the sun, making your kitchen one of convenience. These appliances become part of the décor due to the extravagance of such. As a result, in a large kitchen, all your appliances should be on show, rather than tucked away.

A large kitchen provides you with the opportunity to create a luxurious theme and personalise the space with a multitude of finishing touches. One of these finishing touches may be an island, which is the perfect way to take advantage of a spacious environment. This is especially true when considering just how many ways in which an island can be used; from a countertop to a tabletop, so much can be done with an island.

As far as the finishings are concerned, it’s always a good idea to go for something like stainless steel. This is because water and blades are used in a kitchen, meaning you’ll want something that doesn’t stain or scratch easily. If you feel that stainless steel looks too industrial, you can always opt for a darker marble; however, you just want to steer away from whites and creams, as they’re prone to staining.

Renovate Your House with Room Design

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If your kitchen isn’t quite in the position you’d like it to be in, please get in touch with London Urban. Share your project ideas or simply say hello, either way, we’d love to hear from you, and we can’t wait to collaborate.