A house extension is something that families across the globe consider, whether it be due to a growing family or otherwise. Despite this, anyone contemplating building renovation and remodelling may be wondering why they should consider this as an option. There is a multitude of benefits when it comes to renovation and construction, from reduced costs, when compared with moving, to increasing your property’s value. As a renovation construction company, it’s our job to help you decide whether you should extend your home or simply pack up and move.

Any architecture building design requires plenty of planning, alongside careful consideration so that you can enjoy your new space for all that it has to offer. As long as you consider the desired use of your extension, you can successfully create the house of your dreams. So, why should you consider a house extension?

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It Adds Value to Your Home

First thing’s first, a house extension can significantly increase the value of your property, which futureproofs your home if you decide to sell later down the line. This is especially true of London properties, as you’ll find that there is a real struggle for space on the housing market. As a result, adding space is a sure-fire way of bolstering your sale price, as well as the number of potential buyers, allowing for an easier sell.

Despite this, the extension must be well designed; otherwise, the value of your home will either remain or deplete. When it comes to building renovation, your extension should be abundant in potential rather than filled with problems, as prospective buyers will spot a poorly designed extension instantly.

It’s an Alternative to Moving House

One of the key reasons that people move house is that they’ve outgrown the space they’re living in. Instead of packing up and moving, you might consider simply extending your property. Not only is this typically more convenient than relocating, but it will likely be a more cost-effective solution. Similarly, you often find yourself settled within a certain location, whether you’re tied by jobs, schools, or otherwise. Therefore, an extension allows you to continue with your life as normal whilst simultaneously gifting yourself with a new and exciting space.

You Can Tailor the Design to Your Family Needs

Every family has a different set of needs, and the current houses on the market may not adhere to these specific requirements. When it comes to a customisable living space, a house extension provides you with a world of opportunity. For instance, a family with children may design a nursery, whilst fitness fanatics may opt for a home gym. With a house extension, you can go one step further than simply adding the appropriate furniture, as you can tailor the room towards its purpose from the construction phase.

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You Don’t Always Need Planning Permission

Depending on the extent of your home extension, in most cases, you won’t require planning permission. Obtaining planning permission is something that deters many families from embarking on a home renovation project; however, if you do require it, London Urban will assist you in the process. Despite this, extensions meeting the correct criteria won’t require any planning permission from the local authority.

Properties adhering to the relevant criteria must be as follows:

  • The extension doesn’t exceed over half the property’s land.
  • The top of the extension doesn’t exceed the existing roof height.
  • The new eaves don’t exceed the current eaves.
  • The extension isn’t built forward of the principal elevation.
  • A balcony or raised platform isn’t included.
  • Changes to the current roof aren’t made.
  • No chimneys, flues, or vent pipes have been installed.
  • The extension doesn’t include a microwave antenna.

It Provides Additional Living Space

As previously mentioned, expansive living space is something that is highly sought-after in London and is something that is so seldom found. As a result, a property extension in London is one of the wisest investments that money can buy. This is particularly applicable to growing families, as it prevents them from becoming overwhelmed in the space that is currently available to them. Instead, a house extension provides a world of opportunity in which the possibilities are endless. Whether it’s an open plan kitchen or a playroom for the little ones, so much can be done with the additional living space of a house extension.

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You Can Transform Your Property into the Home of Your Dreams

Here at London Urban, we make it our mission to transform your property into the home of your dreams. Get in touch to learn what we can do for you.