When it comes to home renovation in London, there’s nothing more valuable than converting extra rooms into something useful. This is because you’re often strapped for space when it comes to London properties, meaning that this space adds incredible value. As one of the top renovation companies in London, London Urban is here to help you optimise the value of your property as much as possible. Consequently, we’re sharing some of the best UK home renovation ideas for your basement.

Home Cinema

When it comes to the interior renovation of a basement, a home cinema is the perfect solution. Typically speaking, a basement either has very little or no natural light, making it the perfect setting to immerse yourself in a film or boxset. Additionally, this creates a social space within your home that so many people long for, especially within the bustling city of London. A home cinema can act as a peaceful haven amongst chaos where you can retreat to when the pressures of everyday life get too much.

cinema room basement conversion

A house renovation company such as us would be able to soundproof your basement, allowing you to create an environment that’s almost identical to the cinema. On top of this, we’ll be able to kit out your home cinema with the most stylish and comfortable furniture that’s ideal for the purpose.


The number of bedrooms is one of the most important aspects that house hunters consider, so adding another bedroom to your property will cause the value to skyrocket. Whether you’re looking to create a guest room or accommodate a growing family, so much can be gained from transforming your basement into a bedroom.

bedroom basement conver

With this being said, there’s much to consider when it comes to embarking on such a project. For instance, the new room will need to comply with building regulations when it comes to waterproofing, ventilation, and lighting. Without proper compliance, your basement bedroom is likely to suffer from damp problems; however, when dealing with home renovation contractors, such as London Urban, we’ll ensure that your project adheres to all construction regulations.


As previously mentioned, there’s a lot to be gained from expanding the social scene of your home, which is where a kitchen in the basement comes in. Whether you’re looking to create a space in which utilities such as washing machines and tumble dryers can be placed, or you’re looking to establish an area that’s ideal for guests and parties, an extra kitchen could be exactly what you need.

Once again, if you’re planning to cook in this space or use utilities, the space will need to be properly ventilated in order to avoid damp problems. With a property renovation team on board, you can be sure that you’ll have the kitchen space of your dreams.

Home Gym

Home workouts have become all the more common ever since the COVID-19 pandemic when gyms closed and the number of times that we could leave the house was limited. As a result, many people aren’t as keen to return to the gym as they’ve grown comfortable with their home workouts. Despite this, homes don’t tend to be equipped with everything that you need for a full workout, which is where the installation of a home gym would be incredibly beneficial. Similarly, having a dedicated workout space can often assist you in terms of motivation.

home gym basement conversion

Here at London Urban, we’re suppliers of Technogym equipment, meaning that we’re well-equipped to help you in the development of your very own home gym.

Wine Cellar

A wine cellar is the perfect conversion option for any wine connoisseur, as it provides you with the perfect place to store your bottles at a consistent temperature. You can be sure that even your most expensive vintage bottles will be safe within your basement. Here at London Urban, we pride ourselves on our elegance, which we’re sure to convey when it comes to the installation of a wine cellar within your basement.


Every parent knows the pain of having endless toys scattered about the house, but what if your kids had a space that was dedicated to playing and playing alone? Basements are the perfect locations to allow your kids to let off some steam, as sound doesn’t tend to travel too far, meaning neighbours won’t be disturbed. The adaptable service at London Urban means that we can transform your basement into the space of your dreams, regardless of what those dreams may be.

Convert Your Basement with London Urban

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