Earlsfield, London SW17

Reconfiguration & refurbishment of a beautiful terraced home in Earlsfield

London Urban was entrusted with the task of reimagining and reconstructing a recently acquired property. This endeavour was initiated by a private client with a clear vision: to craft a sanctuary where a young and blossoming family could thrive and create cherished memories.

Our team at London Urban meticulously drafted both existing and prospective architectural plans. The ground floor underwent a comprehensive transformation, necessitating substantial structural modifications to achieve the envisioned layout.

While the alterations to the first and second floors were primarily aesthetic in nature, they were no less significant. Our craftsmen undertook detailed joinery work, and the pre-existing bathrooms, which bore a somewhat antiquated look, were revitalised with contemporary finishes and fixtures.

The culmination of our efforts is a stunning family residence nestled in the vibrant neighbourhood of Earlsfield. This project stands as a testament to London Urban’s commitment to blending functionality with aesthetic elegance, ensuring every home we touch becomes a haven for its inhabitants.