Beautiful family home extended & refurbished

London Urban was meticulously chosen to lead the renovation and enhancement of a charming family residence in Twickenham, Surrey.

This splendid Victorian dwelling, while brimming with character, required significant upgrades and expansion to accommodate the needs of the client’s expanding family.

The project’s ambit encompassed the addition of a glazed wrap-around extension, a loft transformation, and the revamp of multiple rooms across the existing floors. To realise this ambitious conversion, comprehensive modifications to the existing structure, electrical systems, heating, and plumbing were imperative. The design also incorporated innovative lighting solutions and state-of-the-art glazing. Furthermore, the loft space was optimised to house two additional bedrooms and a contemporary bathroom.

The end product is a beautifully crafted family home situated in the bustling and family-friendly locale of Twickenham. This endeavour underscores London Urban’s unwavering dedication to harmonising practicality with design finesse, reinforcing our ethos that every property we engage with is transformed into a cherished abode for its residents.