Technology is Here Today but How Will it Change for Tomorrow?

Technology is already here in the construction industry.

We have robots manufacturing precision fabrication by computer-aided design (CAD) using various materials from timber and insulation to curtain walling systems and metal structures. What’s different to our existing methods is how we can now produce and expand our creative horizons on more complex geometric designs.

Although these systems are producing materials and fixings that were previously thought impossible, the reality is that on-site, there is still and will be for quite some time an ongoing need for good quality workmanship. Technology still has some way to go before construction sites are worker or technician free.

With the advent and continuous development of artificial intelligence, it will be some time before robotics are able to mimic or exceed a true artisans skill set and capability.

We are already seeing a huge change technologically in materials used on site towards better insulation and thermal performance for example, however even these will be changing as we are expected to experience climatic changes.

How it will change in the years ahead, will be determined by consumers, performance and quality, time and ultimately cost.